Excessive Tapping
The "In came.." essay was a copy of a Dickens paragraph. We took a paragraph out of The Christmas Carol and made it our own. We kept all the same punctuation and plot but changed the characters and theme. I liked this project but found it difficult to come up with an idea, but once I had one it was really easy. Here it is.

    In came the Promoter with his checklist, and went to every roadie, and got in the way like a tree down in the road. In came the Workers, a crew off die hard music fans. In came the three Assistants, making sure the dressing room had everything the band needed. In came the six Groupies who followed the assistants hoping to glimpse the band. In came all the Young Men and Women who set up the stage. In came the Roadie, with his Cousin, the lights guy. In came the Manager, with the lead guitars Wife. In came the Band from across the pond, who were suspected of crimes; trying to hide behind their Lawyer but one, who was suspected of crimes himself. In they all came, one after another, some swiftly, some grandly, some loudly, some arrogantly, some setting, some taking; in they all came anyhow and everyhow.

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