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Lord of the Flies Essay

                I believe that this story relates to middle school behavior and parallels a lot of human life because the entire book is really all about relationships and how they affect people. In life if you are rude to someone, usually they try to stay away from you or they are rude back, but  on an island with a group of boys and no adults being rude could mean life and death. It’s like talking to a powerful mobster. You wouldn’t insult his face because he could hurt you and on an island with no laws or consequences someone could hurt you and get away with it. In middle school there are always groups of people. There are the leaders, who always fight for power, the followers, who are loyal to their group only, and you have the picked on, the ones who don’t belong to either group and will do whatever it takes to get in them even if it means being ridiculed.  And in the Lord of the Flies the model dos not change. You have Jack and Ralph, both leaders fighting for power, you have The Hunters and Piggy, who are both loyal to their leaders, and finally you have the littluns who will go into whatever groups sounds better no matter who is leader.  One example is this quote from the book, “Where’s Maurice?” Piggy wiped his glass again. “I expect… no, he wouldn’t go into the forest by himself, would he?’’ “But we’ve got to have a list! There’s you and me and Samneric and-“ “Where’s Bill and Roger?” Piggy leaned forward and put a fragment of wood on the fire. “I expect they’ve gone.” (Pg. 131) This once again shows that there are those who are loyal to each side and there are those who follow. That is why I believe the Lord of the Flies ties directly into middle school and life.

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