Excessive Tapping
In English class we wrote sonnets. Sonnets have a rigid structure. They must have ten syllables per line and three four sentence paragraphs. Every other sentence must rhyme and there must be two sentences at the end that rhyme with one another. I liked doing my sonnet . I found it easy and very fun. I loved being able to chose my own topic.  Here is the one I wrote.

The Band

The conga drum sang out like a sparrow

The cowbells rang and clanged and sang all day

The beat was driving like a straight arrow

The crowd was happy to see the band play

The guitarist plucked his old steel six string

The amps were old but aged like a fine wine

The funky rhythm had a little sting

Autographs would start to be signed at nine

The pianist banged away on his keys

Ivory pieces were like stars in the sky

He played so well everyone came to see

Made it look like he didn’t even try

The band was on a roll that summer night

The songs made people’s troubles feel alright

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