Excessive Tapping
The Anne Frank project is a project where we would pick out the most important word from the book and write about it. We chose the word by brain storming as a class and then narrowing it down by what we thought was important. I thought this project was easy and hard. I thought the easy parts were writing the reflection and finding quotes. I like finding quotes because quotes are a great way to express yourself. The hard part was finding pictures. My word was resistance and I didn't know there was a video game called resistance so when I would look up pictures all I would get were video game pictures and promos. I could have improved on my editing because of some errors in my final draft. I learned that there are many ways to resist, you can fight, you can struggle, and you can hide. Many people may think hiding isn't resisting but running it is as much a way of resisting as fighting.
This is my project.

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