Excessive Tapping
                                                                             Friday, 12 June, 1942

Dear Kitty,

                Wow, I can’t believe all the amazing gifts I got for my birthday, including you. I was hoping for a bike, but since Hitler came to power and took all bikes away from Jews, I knew I wouldn’t get one. But you were a very nice present.  I know no one will ever read this, but it is still very nice.  It is important to have someone to talk to seeing that I don’t really have a best friend. I know we will be best friends.          

                Because we have just met, let me tell you about myself. I am very sarcastic. I enjoy jokes and playing with people’s minds. My family finds it very rude though, and it sometimes upsets me that my family can’t take a joke. I make jokes even when times are hard. When we hear news of the war, none of us take it very well, hearing that friends have been sent to labor camps and that many have just disappeared. But I still try and make jokes and look on the bright side of life.

                I consider myself a very nice person. I am kind and gentle. Even though I fight with my mom, we still are kind to each other.  I enjoy being nice because it makes people like me, and they approve of me. One example of when I was nice (actually I am nice a lot) was when on my birthday (the day I got you) I gave everyone in my class biscuits. Then I had a big party that all my friends came to.

                My family thinks I am mischievous. I consider the things I do more as jokes than pranks. They (my family) think I am too old to play jokes, but I think jokes are timeless.  I am a bit old for jokes, I know, but I love them. I always am thinking about pranks to play. Especially on Mr. Dussel! He always takes the jokes so seriously it makes it funnier!

                I have high values. When we left for our Secret Annexe, I made sure to pack things that meant a lot to me. For me, memories mean more than dresses. I still have dolls from my early child hood, and old photos and such.  I really enjoy all my possessions, and you would know my life story by looking at my possessions. I wouldn’t trade any of the stuff I packed for the world. (Maybe I might) I cherish my possessions because they all mean so much to me.

                Now that I have told you all my secrets, I know we will be good friends and have great times. We will laugh, we will cry, but it will be fun.




This poem was meant to be a small little practice poem for me. We were supposed write a poem about our life. I loved it. My poem really told about my life and my family. I had a hard time making the poem long enough but it really good just the way it is. I learned how repetition is a great thing to have in a poem. Here it is!

 I’m From

I’m from music and lullabies

                From long nights watching movies

                From snow and sunshine

I’m from sarcasm and jokes

                From Mom and Dad

                From a soft bed and a warm house

I’m from brothers and sisters

                From obedient dogs and fat cats

                From skis and bikes

I’m from cabins and road trips

                From baseball and other sports

                From never ending wrestling matches

I’m from a good home and a great life!

 This essay is about a character in the book The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. We were supposed to find a trait in a main character in the book and relate ourselves to it. We wrote a five paragraph essay with a quote from the book in each one. I did not do this project very well. Actually, it was a great paper, but it just took me a long time to get used to embedding quotes and some of the other stuff I had to do. I learned how to embed a quote while writing this paper. I also learned that a quote from a book doesn’t have to just be the character talking.

                                                                   Two-Bits = Charm

                Charm is the ability to be nice and to be able to get people to like you. Someone who is charming is usually liked, and people enjoy being around that person. People who are charming are usually nice and funny. Two-Bit is charming in the book The Outsider’s by S.E. Hinton.

                Two-Bit is charming even when the gang is about to go to the rumble. Before the rumble, he is goofing around and not taking it too seriously. Two-Bit is charming when he says,  “‘Welup,’ Two-Bit said cheerfully cocking an eyebrow, ‘I see we are in prime condition for a rumble.’” (Page 135) This shows that he is charming but in a more comical way.

                In addition, Two-Bit is also very charming around girls. He likes to impress them, and tries to be charming especially when he says, “After the movie, it suddenly came to us that Cherry and Marcia didn’t have a way to get home. Two-Bit gallantly offered to walk them home…” (Page 37) It depicts how he wants to impress them and make them like them.

                Finally, Two-Bit shows his charm through humor. He likes to make jokes and act all around charming, especially when he says  “‘Shoot, you’re ninety six if you’re a day.’ ‘I’m a night.’ Marcia said brightly. Two-Bit stared at her admiringly. ‘Brother, you’re a sharp one.’” (Page 28) It shows how Two-Bit tries to charm her, but she makes jokes right back, and it shows  how he admires people who make jokes as well.

                People who are charming are usually well liked, and they get along with people. Without charming people, this world would be boring and dull. Charming people help make jokes and keep spirits up. Two-Bit is charming in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. He is charming before the rumble to get everybody’s spirits up, when he offers to walk Cherry and Marcia home, and when he meets  Marcia. I am charming too. I am charming when I am around other people and when I am happy or in a place that I like to be. I am not always charming when I am talking to people who annoy me, when I am in a bad mood, or when I am in a place that I don’t want to be. I hope I can be much more like Two-Bit. 


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