Excessive Tapping
Hey, welcome to my webpage. This webpage really is made for work and showcasing my work, but I think this project really has become more of an experiment. We are the second class to have these, but we are still finding out new stuff every day. We use this webpage to showcase our work and write reflections about it. It is a good way to think back on my work. If you look up and a little to the left, you will see three pages. One is Home; that is this page. Secondly, you will see L. Arts; that is where all my work is located.  If you go to click on it, a little subpage will pop up, and that is all about my Glogster. Last, and definitely not least, is the About Me. This is exactly what the name states; it is about me and only me. If you look to the right, you will see a link to Mrs. Gates’ webpage, so you can go to her page from mine. So after you had a little look over of my work, go ahead and comment on it all. I would really like to hear (see?) what you think.

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