Excessive Tapping
We just read To Kill a Mockingbird in English class and Mrs. Gates wanted us to come up with an original project that has certain criteria. We were allowed to do anything that showed creativity but also showed the criteria. I chose to do a Prezi for my project. A Prezi is a moving slide show and I thought it was a good way to show my ideas. We were supposed to read the book through a lens so to speak. I chose resistance as my symbolism from the book. We were supposed to find three quotes that represented our symbol.   I felt my Prezi had good symbolism with its colors and photos. I also felt my writing was well done. My writing might have been good but it did also need some work. My comas needed some work and I felt that my writing was too small to be seen.  If I could do this again I would try and find better pictures and a better way to show my writing so it doesn’t change font and size. All in all I found this project to be very fun and a cool way to represent our themes.

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